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Factors affecting

Concentration and time effect: according to the general rule, the higher the concentration of anti-venom, the longer the action time, the better the bactericidal effect;

Ph value: for home or non-professional use, it is forbidden to mix with acidic substances due to the high (toxic) acid content of chlorine gas.

Temperature: high temperature itself can kill a lot of bacteria, on the other hand can also improve the sterilization of most disinfectants. For 84 disinfectants, high temperature will lead to the breakdown of hypochlorous acid molecules, bactericidal effect is reduced. Conventional home use or non-professional use generally at room temperature;

Reducing substances: reducing organic compounds such as thiosulphates, ferrous salts, sulfides, and amino compounds will first react with antitoxin components for REDOX, resulting in a high content of disinfection ingredients. Therefore, the lower the disinfection effect of reducing substances is.


Most disinfectants have pungent odor, effective chlorine content of 5.5% ~ 6.5%, widely used in hotels, tourism, hospitals, food processing industry, home and other health disinfection places.