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Infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer

In nature, anything above absolute zero radiates infrared energy into the surrounding space. The size of an object's infrared radiation energy and its distribution by wavelength are closely related to its surface temperature. Therefore, through the infrared energy measurement of the object's own radiation, the surface temperature can be accurately determined, which is the objective basis of infrared radiation temperature measurement.

Pay attention to

Only the surface temperature is measured, the infrared thermometer cannot measure the internal temperature.

can not be measured through the glass, glass has very special reflection and transmission characteristics, do not allow accurate infrared temperature reading. But the temperature can be measured through the infrared window. Infrared thermometer is the best.Not used for temperature measurement of bright or polished metal surfaces

locate the hot spot, to find the hot spot, the instrument aims at the target, and then on the target for up and down scanning movement, until the hot spot.

Pay attention to environmental conditions: steam, dust, smoke, etc. It obstructs the optical system of the instrument and affects the accurate temperature measurement.

Ambient temperature. If the thermometer is suddenly exposed to the environment temperature difference of 20℃ or higher, the instrument is allowed to adjust to the new ambient temperature within 20 minutes.


The infrared thermometer must be calibrated to show the correct temperature of the target. If the thermometer is out of tolerance in use, it should be returned to the manufacturer or the maintenance center for calibration. The calibration of infrared thermometer generally adopts the cavity type, and the emissivity is higher than 0.99.